Coin Bags

Large Coin Bag

All clear, extra heavy duty with top handle and tear-off receipt. Works with most vending and coin counting machines. Holds up to $1,000 in quarters. Tough enough to transport 4,000 quarters. Banks love these deposit bags and you will too! Reduce deposit time with these recyclable film bags with highly tamper-evident sealing tape. The bar code sequential numbering and tear-off provide a transaction audit trail.

  • 12” x 25”
  • Other sizes available
  • Please call for a quote

Tamper-Evident Bags

Coin Bags meet stringent Vault Process Certification (VPC) standards, which have been proven to provide dramatic improvements in coin management performance.  This results in increased efficiencies in the vault and in all coin handling applications while virtually eliminating breakage.  Designed for simple one time use, these innovative coin bags are easy to use and fit all major coin counters and sorters.

  • 10” x 19” clear, 25 lb capacity
  • Many Other sizes available