Plunger Click Pen with Stylus 

Here’s something cool to give your players!  The Plunger Stylus features ergonomic styling and a stylus tip makes this a highly desirable promotional pen at any casino. The ballpoint pen contains an ultra-smooth writing cartridge with your choice of blue or black ink.

Casino Cord with Lobster Claw 

Perfect for casinos, this lobster claw with 20” bungee cord will keep your members membership card close at hand, while preventing you from losing your card. Whether you are "doubling down" or trying your luck at the slots, our bungee lanyards will keep the fun going.

Plunger Pen 

The most colorful addition to our most popular pen.The Plunger pen offers five fantastic trim colors in Black, Blue, Green, Purple, and Red with ultra-smooth writing cartridge in black or blue ink. Your message will make a splash when printed to match the colorful trim.

12 inch Casino Bungee Cord

Expands to 20 inches! Try your luck with our slot card holder key ring. This lobster claw with 12” coil cord is perfect for casinos, keeping your slot and membership cards close at hand, while preventing you from losing your valuables. 

Metal Front Desk Pens

Many of the more upscale hotels choose to place higher-end metal hotel pens at the reception desk. These promo hotel pens usually are of higher quality than the plastic variety found in every room. This often is a retractable hotel pen, surrounded by metal, bearing your hotel's logo and name. Keeping in mind that people love free stuff, it stands to reason that the guest will naturally take something useful that just so happens to be complimentary. A custom metal pen is much less likely to be "thrown away" or lost, as the new owners likely will place it in a purse or briefcase. You've heard the term, "there's never a pen around when you need one." Now there is -- yours -- with your hotel's brand staring them right in the face! Who do you think they'll call during their next trip?

Ballpoint Hotel Pen

A necessity in every hotel room, these affordable ballpoint pens tend to find their way home with the guest which makes for a nice reminder of their stay at your casino. To the visitor, this is for "convenience."  For the hotel, this carries a far greater purpose: When the guest packs up to return home, he or she likely will take the pen as well. Whenever that pen is used thereafter, it will serve as a reminder -- consciously or subconsciously -- of the stay at your hotel, thus keeping your brand at the forefront of people's minds. And, if that pen is shared -- again, consciously or subconsciously -- the new user will be reminded of your brand. It's a promotional gift that keeps on giving!