Light-Up Buttons

Choose as many winners as you want for your unique program and customize with your logo. 

Magic Button

Hand out these fun LED timer buttons to casino guests and they will love watching for the winning lights. Timer can be set for 30, 40, 60 minutes etc.
Pull the tab – Nothing happens for 30 minutes and then-Whammo! If it lights up then you’re a winner! You can also get Magic Buttons with Multiple Timers!

Winning Light Necklace

These beaded necklaces have a stoplight pendant with 3 LED lights red, yellow, green with timers that can be up to 30–40 minutes apart. You pick the number of winners for the yellow lights and green lights.
Simply pull the tab and the blinking red light is automatically activated. Next after (30-40) minutes the yellow light is activated (set your quantity for those winners) Next after (30-40) minutes the green light is activated (set your quantity for those winners).

Example of winners: 5000 Total necklaces

  • All 5000 blink red
  • 4000 blink red then yellow (win small prize) 
  • 1000 blink red, yellow, green

Here’s how it works:

  • Each person that starts playing table games will be given a button
  • Players have to be at the table playing to be awarded cash or prizes when their lights start blinking
  • Each button activates at time of use by pulling a tab on the back
  • Timer inside each button that controls the 4 LED lights
  • Can be worn like a necklace with Mardi Gras beads or pin style
  • Creates tons of anticipation excitement waiting for the button to “light up”

For example:

Casino orders 1000 lighted buttons

  • 250 will start blinking after 30 minutes
  • 250 will start blinking after 45 minutes
  • 100 will start blinking after 60 minutes
  • 400 will never start blinking

Casino decides how many losers or winners that they want and can decide the timers on the buttons.