Prize Wheel

There are TWO GAMES that can be played using this same product. 
Choose as many winners as you want and the types/values of the prizes for your unique program. Everyone is a winner and having tons of FUN!

The spinning wheel is loaded with:

• Cash  •  Promotional Prize Items  •  Discounts to Casino Events  •  Mystery Gifts

#1 Thank Your Neighbor Game

The object to this game is to possibly award the person to the left of you and yourself a prize. This keeps the table playing for hours because everyone will eventually get awarded for sitting in their chair!

How it works: 
When the “Big Hands” are made—BlackJack, 7-7-7, Three Card Poker, Straight Flush, 3 of a kind, Full House, etc.—the person who wins gets to spin the wheel, earning a prize for them and their neighbor to the right or to the left. Watch the crowd go WILD!

#2 Take It or Leave It Game

This game is similar to Deal or No Deal. It has the thrill of risk-taking and playing the odds. Players can also take their prize or double-down, increasing the thrill! 

How it works: 
When players win a big hand—BlackJack, 7-7-7, Three Card Poker, Straight Flush and 3 of a Kind, Let it Ride, Full House and Higher—they earn a Spin of the Wheel. They “spin” their destiny on the wheel…take it or leave it!