Magic Button

Hand out these fun LED timer buttons to casino guests and they will love watching for the winning lights.

Timer can be set for 30, 40, 60 minutes etc. Pull the tab – Nothing happens for 30 minutes and then- Whammo! If it lights up then you’re a winner! You can also get Magic Buttons with Multiple Timers!
Use For Retention Programs Such As:  
Keno/Bingo/Blackjack • New Slot Machines • Specialty Games • Post Event Giveaway

Q:   What is this thing?
   A patented new idea from Proforma Casino Sourcing!

Q:   How does it work?         
  Pull the tab on the back of the Magic Button and instantly it starts flashing telling your player that they are In the Game.

Q:   Then what happens?
  It flashes for 20 minutes or so (whatever timers you want us to put in there, 15 minutes, 20 minutes or up to 1 hour).

Q:   So then what happens?
   It will turn from red (original color) then 20 minutes later turns to yellow, and the players are hooked! That means they are almost there…and soon hopefully their button’s lights will turn to the green flashing color and they are a WINNER!

Q:   Are they all winners?
   These buttons can do whatever you want. For example, on a 1000 piece order, you can have 250 start blink red and never change to yellow. Then of the remaining 750 buttons you can have 500 go from red to yellow only. Then make the remaining 250 turn the full Red/to Yellow/to Green each 20 minutes apart. That means you can award 250 Prizes of Free Play, promotional gifts, or whatever you want.


Q:   What is the object of this game?
   The great thing about this game is it creates excitement, and keeps the player in your casino, whether they are playing slots or table games.

Q:   How would I use this?
  You can use this as a Special Event like St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, etc.  You can either make your players earn points and gather as many magic buttons as they want or just hand out to the first 100 customers as a game within your casino

Q:   How long does it take to get these?
   We customize your magic button per your request in only 50 days! Use with necklace, or just a pin back button.